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Huī Chì Bā jí

by Sun Dawei

Cāng Yuān 05:57
Zì Lái 07:42
Sù Lǜ 06:33
Chéng Hè 06:09
Zuò Mèng 06:36
Sāng 07:28
Lún Líng 10:37


"Huī Chì Bā jí" - Collection
The man who is most human, peers into the sky. Rebuking the eight poles, his aura remained unchanged.
Pentium has the spirit in all directions, and the ability to become extraordinary.

Express core
Starting last year, I envisioned a huge work system project. The name is "Huī Chì Bā jí", and Baji is the eight directions, "front, back, left, right. Front left, front right, back left and back right". There are contexts and interactions among them, and sounds will appear differently in different concepts. I will use the understanding accumulated in the past and the technology of the present to explain Chinese music, square instrumental music and electronic music. And now more time is buried in the room to create. This is not only to alleviate the side effects during the epidemic, but also to release some of the imprisoned voices. Eventually they will be presented on different music labels, and these summary creations are intended for my music scene.

Recalling that I have experienced the influence of Chinese music for many years, I have a relatively deep understanding of many rock bands and independent musicians. I have seen many musicians in their original state, primitive and untouched. A great musician is and should be a genuine music lover, who is no less adept at collecting records and music information. This is inevitable! This is the most solid cornerstone of the early stage as a meticulous creator, and it is also the fruit of the great time to feel the charm of music.

Work story
The musical sacrifice begins with a soundscape hidden in an aura of mystery, blaring bright and piercing details. "Qián" interprets a magically ethereal dimension, creating a suspended harmony through the use of synthesizers and drum machines. Ancient rituals are revived by obscure sounds, and "Yòu" brings joy back to life. "Hòu Zuǒ" is a bold continuous loop and hypnotic bridge between jazz and electronics. Adapting the broken sound, it moves on with tension, before throwing the chaos into a noisy vortex.

Tekono is eternal silence, it is in "Zuǒ". "Hòu" embodies the voice of a dead soul rising from an obscure abyss, embarking on a fascinating and magical journey to blackness. A brief shimmer, which is a metaphor for the plot. When the ethereal note ends, it is suspended between the earth and the sky. The complex voice and rhythm of "Qián Yòu" thicken, and the sustained bass will lead into the vortex of flames.

"Hòu Yòu" goes deep into memory and the dark canyon. Whether as a mental function of assimilation, or processing data for learning. When body and mind are perfectly united, it reverberates in distant places like a vague memory. Ambient music creates a soundscape filled with air and light. "Qián Zuǒ" takes on different shapes and colors. The sun first lost all its luster and shed blood and tears. The air collapsed and then went out.

Full Version sundawei.bandcamp.com


released December 1, 2022

Written and Produced by Sun Dawei
Mastered by Sun Dawei
Photo & Design by Sun Dawei

Copyright Control 2022 © SHANSHUI MUSIC
Made In China / SS-021


all rights reserved



Shanshui China

Electronic Music Label Based in China 2003.

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